Insights on Robert Kiyosaki’s Guide to Investing – Introduction


I have finished reading this book and I have decided that of all people who have inspired me to do more are none other than you, my WordPress followers. As a gift to you fellow writers I will be having this book review on this book that made me think differently. I would be sharing my insights and reactions on every chapter of this book for you guys to know how this little book have transformed my thinking and mindset.

To start of, I will be having today the Introduction part of the book that taught me to avoid being average. Average means following the same thinking, ideals and beliefs of everyone around you, and that really hit me. A lot of successful people didn’t went on the regular path of school, work and retire and live through your pension after retirement. They think differently than average persons do.

And to support the thinking, Mr. Kiyosaki even mentioned that the rich investors became rich because the rich see things on the other side of the coin. That there is no one way of getting rich. What the average often sees are only half part whereas the rich investors see through it and looks at the whole picture to create opportunities that they can capitalize to earn more than the average does.

Aside from the introduction of the average and the rich investor, it also introduced the very famous Cash Flow Quadrant that would really matter throughout the book even the topic is investing. It also hinted on the powers that a business can do to an individual that is not even possible to have by staying as an employee, and that aspect is what motivated me to pursue my entrepreneur dream rather than the corporate ladder.

Just through the introduction, you would learn a lot of things that could give you answers, inspiration, motivation and drive to increase your financial intelligence. It have opened up my mind on the possibilities that I may have forsaken for good if I were not able to read this good book. Have you read this book also? Did it pumped you up in the beginning? Have you read better books than this? Feel free to use the comments sections and let us have a bookworm conversation. Thanks for the read.


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