Insights on Robert Kiyosaki’s Guide to Investing – Chapter 7


After learning in the previous chapter that investing is a plan, the author now starts to doubt my plan on chapter 7 with the question “Are you planning to be rich, or are you planning to be poor?”

The chapter title intrigued me in the sense that from the plan that I had in my mind from the previous chapter, he can figure out if I’m planning to be rich or poor. It also bothered me to think that there will be people planning to become poor. Upon reading through the chapter and observing the people around me, I got what the author would like his readers to realize.

The simplest way to know if the person plans to become rich or poor is through their plans. You can easily know a person’s financial future by asking their plans and see through their words. A person who would plan to retire and depend on pensions are the most likely persons to end up as poor. They tend to view life simply that they forgot that once they retire, they would most likely spend their monthly pensions to pay for their medical needs.

Those persons who plan to retire on retirement age would most likely end up poor because they didn’t notice where they have invested their life long earnings. They failed to plan ahead, that they didn’t realize that time has caught up with them. Being employed for a few years now, I have seen through those persons who are successful and established individuals in the organization yet, they have miserable finances. Being in-charge of checking their paychecks, I feel awful that after rendering their life in their works, they fail in planning for their retirement and is under debt.

They are the persons who would mostly like living through their pensions that without it, they may end up dying with a starving stomach. They are the ones who failed to see the other side of the coin. The ones who prioritized security over becoming rich.

It is not bad to have that thinking but we have to realize that life is full of choices that we do not need to emulate and walk through the path the majority used to walk through. There are other paths that are worth to be discovered. The pioneers of those paths are the ones we wished to become after the world knew their success. The road they took are not the easy ones but they have clearly plan on becoming rich. They have various plans but certainly it is not their plan to work majority of their lives and live through their pensions. Have you thought of a plan now while reading? Feel free to share it on the comments section below.



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