Insights on Robert Kiyosaki’s Guide to Investing – Chapter 8


For those who have waited for me to write about my insights and reactions to Robert Kiyosaki’s Guide to Investing, I’m very sorry as I am still coping up with the recent events this week. As for those who have no interest at all, please bear with me on this one and the rest to come.

The Chapter was titled as “Getting Rich is automatic, if you have a good plan and stick to it”. On the title alone, you would get the idea that being rich is attainable as long as you stick to your plan. After learning in Chapter 7 what we plan, the author now is giving us the idea that getting rich is certain as long as we keep on track with our plans.

It seems intriguing, in the sense that every aspiring entrepreneur or investor is certain to become rich but not all were able to become one. After reading through the Chapter, I was able to realize what the author wants me to realize from the title of the chapter alone. He wants us, aspiring entrepreneurs to stick to the plan and not get distracted.

Mr. Kiyosaki even mentioned that getting rich is a simple formula and not as complex as everybody does on the stock market with the various formulas and ratios that every stock broker formulates. The problem with the people who wanted to get rich is that they tend to be amazed and feel as if they are not doing good on their plan.

All throughout the chapter, the very concept that the author would want everyone to realize is that getting rich is automatic in the sense that you have to do what you do everyday on a consistent basis until you wake up one day shocked because you have attained your plan to become rich. Many individuals fail in their plan because they seek the thrill and excitement in attaining their plan to get rich that they end up losing everything they have worked for because they got distracted by those exciting investments.

Every business person typically fail in decision making because they tend to accommodate more risk than what they should. It is true that there are a lot of enticing investments and business opportunities in the market right now but all differ in the risks. The problem with people eager to become rich is that they think that they would always get the longer end of the stick, which is not the case in business.


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