Insights on Robert Kiyosaki’s Guide to Investing – Chapter 17


After teaching how to become financial literate from the previous chapter, the author now wants us to learn “The Magic of Mistakes”. Mistakes are part of our lives from school until the time we grow up. We tend to commit mistakes all throughout our lives but the magic lies on how we learn from those mistakes.

In fact, we learn more from committing mistakes because we also gain experience from those mistakes. It has become magical in the sense that we tend to retain and learn more from our mistakes as opposed to learning every lesson. Learning from mistakes is something that must be a core value of every entrepreneur because he will commit more than one mistake in his entrepreneurial career.

Making every mistake magical is what separates a good entrepreneur from an average one because not every entrepreneur would be able to take responsibility in his mistakes and take the time to learn from it. Most people had a belief that mistakes are bad, negative and not worth it but in real life, making a mistake is not the end of it, it will only end once you decide to quit.

There are a lot of good businessmen who have committed mistakes but they never quit. Instead, they learn from it and try to avoid those mistakes again to attain their goals. It is pointless to commit the same mistake more than once as it would only mean that they never learned a lesson from their previous mistakes.

In school, we are upset whenever we commit mistakes because in school, we would want to be the excellent students that we avoid mistakes and risks, the sad thing though is that we also apply the same principle in life. We never get out of our comfort zones that we are afraid of failure and mistakes. We never try out our ideas and never learn other things that might get us to where we want ourselves to be.

Mistakes are painful and hard to take but we should never be afraid of them. We are not anymore in school where we have to learn a lesson and test ourselves on what we have learned. We are all in the reality, that we should learn from our mistakes rather than avoiding it without even trying. We will commit mistakes one way or the other but if we do not learn from those, we would end up as failures. It is much easier to take if you a failure in school rather than being a failure in life.



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