Insights on Robert Kiyosaki’s Guide to Investing – Chapter 11


Here am I again imparting what I have learned on a chapter of this book that I loved to read over and over again. Chapter 11 revealed something that most people weren’t able to appreciate. The title was “Each plan has a price”.

Reading through the chapter, I realized the difference of thinking between the rich and the poor. There are a lot of observations cited that was a common behavior of people in money. Most people only realize the value of money but not of time. People are so eager to earn money that they forget to put value in time.

The problem with most people is that they are only seeing the value in money. Yes, money is something that we need to continue living the life we wanted but it has its cost. If it costs us majority of our lifetime to just survive and live the life that we want, would you feel that it’s just right? Don’t you feel that you are robbed of your time? The time that you are still strong, full of energy and drive.

People tend to prioritize being in a secure job until they get old and then regret what they have done once they get old for not maximizing their lives while they are still young. They fail to think ahead, they fail to put their time to good use and they fail to earn more than they could have earned because they hold on to money and does not value their time.

Time is a valuable asset that each and every one of us equally have and if we let those assets go to waste, we could end up like those people who have spent their lives working in a loop without even trying to change our lives. We often save money at the expense of our time and effort but we fail to give more value on our efforts and time.

Saving money is a good practice but we have to also consider the costs. We might be able to save a good amount of money but is it worth our time and effort to do so? Do we really have to cling to money? Is money all that we need in life? Are we meant to work hard for money? Feel free to react using the comments and if you wanted to read more insights, here are the links:


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