Insights on Robert Kiyosaki’s Guide to Investing – Chapter 20


It was a good 19 Chapters and that concludes Phase 1 of the book. The phase one of the book aims to prepare the mindset of the readers of the book. It spanned from the introduction up to Chapter 19 which was almost half of the book because the author wants us to realize how the rich thinks and as for the readers also to realize it slowly because if he would discuss those things in a blast, the readers might not develop the needed mindset and thinking in the foregoing chapters.

Going now to Chapter 20 with the title “Solving the 90/10 riddle”, it was also the start of Phase Two, with the objective to enable the readers to answer the question “What type of investor do you want to become?”.

After learning from Chapter 19 on how the 10% of the rich earns the 90% of the money through building up their ideas and turning them into assets, this new Phase and Chapter now deals as to how we can disregard the negativity of others and how can we prove them and ourselves wrong.

It was from this Chapter that the author discussed how we should stick to our ideas and believe in those ideas. Once we have thought of an idea, we should never listen to others who never understand our idea and who would say everything they can against our ideas. They may be our friends, family and even strangers but we have endure what they say against our ideas. We need to have faith in our ideas and never stop dreaming and continuously developing our initial ideas.

Those who are against our ideas and never see the potential of the ideas we got are the very bunch of people who would never get out of the hump and settle to become among the 90% of the people who are earning the 10% of the money. They are the type of person who don’t think out of the box and have a mediocre mind that never see the potential in the ideas but when the time comes that we have made our ideas into reality, they would be the very person who would do anything to turn back time because they have made a bad decision in going against us.

We have to realize that there will always be people who never see the same things as we see it, that we imagine things differently on how they imagine things and that we think differently on how they think. We do not have to please them and made them realize that we have thought of a better idea, but rather we have to prove them. A lot of successful people have already proven that it only takes an idea to live life differently, we just need to have the faith, courage and passion to go on and pursue our ideas. Do you now have your ideas with you? Did you receive the same negativity from others? Feel free to tell me your experience through the comments section.


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